Why I chose archlinux

All of my reasons for choosing archlinux

Mar 07 2022 | 2 minute read


I started using linux about 3 years ago, I started with Pop!_OS but after that I switched to fedora, then Zorin which is still the most beautiful out of the box linux distro I have ever used. After that howerver, I switched to arch and I've been on my misadventure's with arch for about 2 years now. I have a very minimalist approach to linux, trying to save as much space as possible save as much computer power as possible, arch being an extremely minimal install of linux was great for me.

Next, being able to customize the install of arch is great, dont like systemd because of the company behind it, try runit or openrc, want btrfs so you can compress your files, go ahead, dont want grub, try systemdboot, etc. It's just the way arch lets you do whatever you want. Then, its the support from the community discord or the arch wiki if someone has had that problem theres a good chance you can get it fixed.
Overall, I know that arch isnt good for industrial applications since it doesnt scale well, its definitely for enthusiasts who have the time to work on their computer and not for linux novices. I love arch for its simplicity and flexibility and I think you should try it if your used to linux and want something new to play with. Using arch over the years has taught me so much about linux in general and if your a seasoned linux user give it a change, maybe you'll find the same love for it I did all the years ago.
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