Rebuilding my personal website!

My experiences with nuxtjs 3 and tRPC

Jan 01 2023 | 2 minute read

web dev
nuxtjs 3

For the past month I've been quietly rebuilding my portfolio site, designing and building a new site. My previous site was bland and dull, this one is like a whole new world. The old site was just a two colors that don't even go well together, it was clear to me that was no way to present myself. So about halfway though november I started fresh, with Nuxt3 and a whole lot of insomnia in my possession I went to figma to design my new site.

After a couple days of making a design in figma I setup a new nuxt3 project and went to work, after just a few weeks I had almost everything completed, but the last few things I had to do were to make the blogs page and finish the project cards. After a few weeks of designing and getting feedback from the web dev and design discord server, mainly feedback from aqil#7927 an absolute machine in the visual design help channel. However, rebuilding the site still wasn't done, so about halfway through december I decided to change a few things, the typing animation on the home page was added that day and a few accessibility things here and there.
Once 2023 hit I started working on this much more, with my 100DaysOfCode Challenge completed I had much more time to work on this site. Mostly I just had to finish writing a few blog posts, and I would be able to finally publish the new site. So I got to writing this blog post and here we are right now. This post is just an update with the new site, here's the sites github and that's all, checkout my twitter if you want to hear more about what I do, have a great 2023!

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